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I will be in Florida in a little over a week. My plan is to checkout your computer and then mail it to you by Priority Mail.

I need an address I can send it to.

I have 8 email addresses for you and have not idea which one is the best one to find you at. Sorry for sending so many.
Blessings, Dick
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mission Trip to Haiti

Let me now make a passionate and sincere request to you about my intended mission trip to Haiti Now!  PLEASE, PRRAY. PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY WITH FAITH, until God send in the needed fund for my passage!  Remember, I am, I know, one of the very, very few Africans, self-sponsoring and raised by Almighty God Himself to troop the Nations of this world with special, BUT NOT PRIVILEGED ministries such as the Angelic, Apostolic/Deliverance ministries - with its unique challenges, tears and disappointments at times!

I have already started my Warfare, absolute fasting devotion and ministry to the Haitians, since the past three, out of the scheduled forty days!  When I come to Haiti, GOD WILLING and by HIS GRACE AND FAITHFULNESS, I will not be a burden on anyone.  All I will need for this period is hygienic and pure WATER, the WORD and the HOLY Spirit (of which I already have the last two abiding mightily within me)!

Who am I?  I know YWAM and its disclined or discipled Leaders, staff and the establishment!  You need to know me also, before I come to submit myself and serve the Lord under and through you and your ministry for the given period I will be with you in St. Marc. 
Before I introduce my mentors, fellow ministers and friends to you for their required inputs or testimonies about me, let me add this prayerfully; that should you know of the next humanitarian, mercy or five-fold ministry team that would be coming from the United States to Haiti within this critical moments, please forward my contacts at the end of this email to them.  Who knows? A few might have space available for me to join them anywhere from the United States to Haiti!

Now, further information about me, my ministry, family and Apostolic team Outreaches can be obtained by and from the following, in:


Rev. & Mrs. Lerime and Felicit Wilner
Senior Pastor, Elshadai Mission and Ministries
Rue Chateau Blon, Torncel #9, Port-au-Prince
Cell+Phone:  509 372 9359; 509 3358 6689; 509 3428 8576; 509 3555 4609.

2.  Elder Jephro Charleston
Bethel Oorphanage
PH:  509 909 6249

1. Dr. Valdez Manuel
Minister of the Gospel and an stute Politician
Santo Domingo
PH:  1 414 350 00698; 1 809 997 8989

2.  Junior (Studen) and Dominique Dorce (Politician)
Both Junior and Dominique are Dominican Rep-based Haitians
Santo Domingo
PH:  1 829 815 3884; 860 612 0692 (US #}

3. Ms. Belgica Sanchez
New Vision Apostolic Church
Santo Domingo
PH:  1 829 329 7343; 1 809 628 3999


1.  Pastors Raymond and Camila Honorant
Bible Church for the Haitian Community
PH:  1242 448 9558

2. Mrs. Natasha Italia Deleveaux
Staff, Bahamas Int. Airport
PH:  1 242 341 6428

3. Ms Vanide Brave
Staff, Bahamas Int. Airport
PH:  1 242 436 9874

4.  Mrs. Guerda and Jean Claude
Staff, Bahamas Int. Airport
PH:  1 242 468 0896

5.  Rev. Paul Bernard Georges
Visionn Community Chapel
PH:  1 242 544 7635


1. Rev. Dan T. Ahahey
Senior Pastor
Victory Assembles of God
P. O. Box T90
Teshie, Accra
PH:  001 233 26 188 7333

2,  Rev. Edward Ahiake
Senior Pator
Amazing Love Baptist Church
001 233 24 310 1590

3.  Revs. Faithful & Mary Biney
PH:  001 233 24 432 8401; 011 233 2230 6279
Email:  (Not so sure about this now)!


1.  Rev. Richard and Dianne Evans
The Evans Ministries
Cranston, Rhodes Island

2.  Bishop Charlton I Smith
Senior Pastor
Kingdom Dynamic Ministries
South Carolina
PH:  1 288 1940

3.  Officer Chinyere Nwofor
Correction Officer
Patuxent Departmen of Correction

4. Officer Johl D. Ogunyemi
Correction Officerr (My Landlor)
Patuxent Correction Department of Correction
PH:  1 443 889 8013

5.  Evangelist Barbara Buis
Calvary Pentecostal Campground
Ashland, Virginia
PH:  1 814 387 5095
1 443 744 7386

Well, God bless you and refresh you in critical moments like this.  Anyway, forgive me for taking too much of your time!  Rejoice my friends and Again I say Rejoice.
Rejoissez-vouz mes fres et Soeur, et encore je repete,
Escusez-moi, peutetre a mon arrive, je peux beacoup ameliorer mon  franceais.
A Bientot!
Bernare Narh, 52 (Apostle)
Apostolic Team Leader, Global Outreaches

(Restoration Center for the Nations)
233 Old Line Avenue
Laurel, Maryland

Sunday, November 22, 2009

PRAYER ALERT: Urgent Prevailing Prayer Needed for Purchase of Ministry Building

I have a very strong desire and urge to purchase the huge mansion; which  by our (African) standards - is very beautiful and suitable; yet extremely expensive! For how can I afford this amount if the Lord does not intervene directly?

The NEGOTIABLE PRICE is pegged at US$150,000.00.

Our Ministry needs it for multifaceted purposes: a Bible School, an International Worship Training Centre, Drug/Post-deliverance Rehabilation Centre and, or even a Furlough for retiring and "refiring" local and Western Missionaries.

Like Yesutor, many of the maniacs that God delivered under our ministry are not usually accepted or infused back into their families and, or societal fabric; because of the damaging stigma and the strong African perception attached to it - that "Madness is a Curse and Infectious" and "God's punishment for the miscreants in society"!

Yesutor was rejected by her own family, based on similar grounds after her glorious deliverance!  My wife and I had to sign an undertaken at a local police stattion of taking the full responsibility of Yesutor's upkeep, feeding, lodging, etc, right in our own home for several years!

You can imagine what we can do through the Lord's enablements for HIS Kingdom, if we receive the necessary support to purchase this facility - which is being currently offered on highly competitive basis for the highest bidder!

As Prampram and its neighbouring Tema township is officially known in security circles, as one of the most famous and notorious "Entry Points for cocaine in Ghana" - in fact producing  one of the highest victims of drug-abuse and drug-related crimes, you can imagine what level of productivity could be achieved for God's Kingdom purposes, if you can kindly urge fellow believers to come to our aid with donations or even an outright purchase, ASAP!

There's a time-tag attached to the sales and purchases deal; because, the Drug-addicted, youthful Caretaker/Landlord (who earlier received deiverance ministry assistance from us ); is under pressure to sell this house in the shortest possible time, so part of the proceeds could be chanelled to cater for his seriously ill father, the real owner of the facility, who is on Intensive Ward care/admission in a private hospital!

Many Thanks for your Prayers, discernment and Rapid Response!
Brother Narh

Please view pictures of this building at


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